FilmoraX Filmora 10.5.10 (September 2021) Free License



FilmoraX with Effects Fixer 10.5.10.
One of Most preferred video editor for youtube videos. A video editor for all creators.

Wondershare FilmoraX version , Wondershare Filmora – Easy, Trendy and Quality Video Editing Software, all new features and tools to help you edit faster than ever before. Its a video editor for all creators, it is a very easy to learn and use. It’s simplicity doesn’t make it any less powerful.

  • Compatible with Windows 11.
  • Remove Watermark from filmora output videos.
  • Filmora Official License / Wondershare ID.

Many new feature can be seen in filmora X like, Motion Tracking, Keyframing, Color Match, Audio Ducking and Advanced Title Editing and more. There is a Filmstocks Library to make Video editing more easy and professional. Some of them are free and some of them are chargeable.

FilmoraX Filmora 10.1.20 is here : FilmoraX Filmora 10.1.20 (x64) (September 2021) [Best]
Filmora 9.5 is here : Filmora9 Filmora (x64) (June 2020) Free Download
32 bit Version is here : Wondershare Filmora 7.8.9 (32 bit/64bit)

Ask4pc Effects Fixer 10.5.10  is also added with this.

All effects of collection 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5 and 10.0 are working fine on this version.

Download only from here

After installing any effect from 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5 and 10.0 ,
You have to install Effects Fixer 10.5.10 (included),
It will make all previous effects compatible with FilmoraX. 

It has all the necessary features you want in a powerful video editor like multiple Video Tracks to make layered based editing. Many effects , transitions , overlays , titles , sound effects and many pre-build templates, which users can use directly.
You can enjoy filmora with internet connection on also (disconnection not needed.). Internet Connection needed for registration.

It has so many New pre-loaded effects and transitions that it will give your video professional look without doing much efforts.
In FilmoraX there are very big improvements comparing with the previous filmora which were not available in previous versions. You can download All filmora effects from ask4pc.

* This Filmora X version will only work with 64bit PC, If you have 32bit windows, you can download fimora 7.8.9 (which is the last 32bit version of filmora from here => Download Filmora 7.8.9 (32bit) full + license ). It is advised to upgrade your windows to 64bit as most of new softwares don’t support 32 bit of windows.


New features in Filmora 10.5 :
  • AI Portrait (Add on)
    – Update the AI Portrait algorithm.
    – Find more cool background removal effects.
  • Filmora Template Mode Beta
    1. Great video templates.
    2. Uses AI algorithms to pick footage highlights and automatically creates the video.
    3. You can perform a more detailed editing after the automatic video creation.
  • Cloud Files – Synchronize multiple files and use them across applications.
  • Filmora Creator Academy
    1. New tutorial video.
    2. New project templates.
    3. Personalized recommendations.
    4. Related tutorials.
  • New AI chatbot – Always at your service.
Basic Features :
  • Action Cam Tool
  • Correct lens distortion
  • Clean up your audio
  • New speed controls
  • Instant Cutter
  • Trim or merge clips quickly
  • Instant export

Download Filmora 10.5.10 Setup + Effects Fixer 10.5.10 (312 MB) from here.
(file name : Filmora10.5.10a.(ask4pc).rar )

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Mediafire [Best]
Mega Drive

  • Unzip the rar file you have downloaded. Use Winrar => Download Winrar Latest Full version Free |ask4pc.
  • #Remember : If password is asked anywhere in downloading or opening.
    Simply enter
  • You will get these files :
    1. Filmora10.5.10.(ask4pc).exe (Setup)
    2. EffectsFixer.10.5.10a.rar
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How to Install :

  1. Install “Filmora10.5.10.”.
    (This is official version. You can download it from website also.)

  2. Get a disposable email. (or you can use your own email)

  3. and Signup with new E-mail.

  4. Now in installed filmora software,
    Click [Help] > [Log into Wondershare ID]
  5. Enter your login details from step 3.

  6. Thats it!


Tutorial :

FilmoraX Effects Solution:

  1. License is valid for 30 days. (You can register multiple times, till offer is valid.)
  2. Make sure filmora is not running while installing effects. Close it.
  3. For default effects in dashboard, don’t click on [Download arrow icon] , Click [+] icon instead, it will work fine.

  4. If you see errors like this while installing effects, simply click [ Skip this file ]
    (manually delete that folder from “C:\ProgramData\Wondershare Filmora\Default Effects\”)
    (or Try to run Effects Fixer 10.5.10)
    (Sometimes antivirus make interruptions, so turning off antivirus may also fix this issue.)

  5. ! Most errors regarding effects can be solved by following these steps:
    1. Install Any one effect from 9.2 – 10.0 collection Again.
    2. Next, Install Effects Fixer Again.
  6. If you see Error 400 or similar, Then you don’t have any effects installed on your pc or fixer is not recognizing it
    Simply install any one ask4pc effect again, and run effects fixer again. It will solve it.
  7. This will make all those effects compatible with FilmoraX.
    Note that, in filmoraX many effects from effects collection 9.2, will not appear in left [Filmstocks] section.
    These will appear as default effects (Just above the Filmstocks section on left side).
    So don’t get confused. This fixer will fix all.
  8. If you have lots of effects, this setup will take some time to install.


Extra Effects Plugins Set :

You have to download filmstocks Effects sets for this filmora.

⮞ List of Filmora 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 10.0 and Premium Filmstocks

⮞ FilmoraX Built-in Effects Bundle (1.26 GB)

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