Hp elitedesk 800 g1 Sff Unlocked bios


I have different EliteDesk 800 G1, i5 fourth gen, board no pdqlb0mcy7gngf.

Profiles chip being referred to is MX25L12873F.

I want to re-program the Profiles to eliminate the secret word, obviously PSWD jumper doesn't help. I'm NOT a specialist on Profiles re-programming so if it's not too much trouble, hold on for me.

I utilized ch341a with "CH341a developer" programming to peruse and save the Profiles dump Prior to sending it to RCUnlocker. I have my _unlocked document and attempted to re-program with "ch341a software engineer". That turn out to be no achievement, programming was tossing mistake like "memory and chip contents are in conflict" sort of blunder message.

I later attempted AsProgrammer, that let me know I could have "conceivable compose assurance", I re-customized the chip with auto button with _unlocked container, patched back to mobo, no post, fans max throttle.

Presently regardless of whether I need to return the first Profiles it says "Record size bigger than IC size"

Is there anything extraordinary with this chip? What is my misstep here? I connected the first Profiles dump.

Any assist will with being extremely valuable.

** UPDATE ** I wound up blazing Profiles however having difficult time with NIC card. It doesn't work (no PXE, yellow sign in windows) I attempted ASRock NIC apparatus, same as the banner before me it said stage not upheld. Then I attempted eeupdate with right NIC, it changed the Macintosh address yet same issues. I joined the functioning Profiles with NIC issues (which was additionally downloaded from gathering)

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