League1 BC: Another comeback win for the 'Caps 2023

BURNABY, BC – Vancouver 

Reakers FC Girls Elite earned another huge comeback palm on Wednesday, defeating TSS Rovers 2- 1 at Swangard Stadium. The result moves the' Caps into alternate place with 21 points, two points off of first placeNautsa'mawt FC with a game in hand.  

 Dramatic late  thing gives men's side a point  The' Caps were down within the first  nanosecond, as TSS Rovers got in on  thing and  subsidized with a finish from Delana Friesen.   After settling into the match, they  set up an equalizer just before halftime. After a corner kick from Jeneva Hernandez- Gray, Jaime Perrault came down with the ball at her  bases and layed it back to Anna Hauer to blast home her sixth  thing of the season, leaving her one  reverse of teammate Kierra Blundell for the league lead. 

  Vert beforehand in the alternate half, the' Caps took the lead. A  atrocious ball over the top from Ashley Roberts  transferred Hauer in on  thing, and this time her shot was saved by Girls Elite grad Camellia Xu in net for the Rovers, but Perrault was there to put home the answer and make it 2- 1.   No more  pretensions would come as the defending champion' Caps took another big step forward in deciding a spot in the playoffs. Next over for the' Caps is another road match this coming Sunday, June 25 at Altitude FC. Kickoff is at 1p.m. PT.

   MATCH DETAILS   Adjudicator Stephen Lebrechthausen   Scoring summary  1' – TSS – Delana Friesen  45' – VAN – Anna Hauer( Jaime Perrault)  47' – VAN – Jaime Perrault   Cautions   TSS Rovers  30. Camellia Xu; 4. Reese Moffatt, 18. Joanna Dolezal, 11. Amanda Scott; 12. Maya Rogers, 3. Sofia Faremo, 5. Maddy Mah, 10. Kathleen Aitchison ©; 13. Madi Elcombe, 20. Delana Friesen, 21. Nikki Virk   Backups  1. Kirstin Tynan, 6. Lauren Ebel, 9. Jessica Merk, 15. Devon Kavanagh, 17. Isabella Paccani, 23. Pak Tung Tsang, 24. Kyara Armenta   Vancouver Reakers FC Girls Elite  1. Leah Parsons; 2. Mya Archibald, 4. Clare Logan, 17. Nyema Ingleton ©, 3. Iba Oching; 21. Jeneva Hernandez- Gray, 10. Anna Hauer, 11. Noelle Sather; 12. Jaime Perrault, 9. Kierra Blundell, 15. Ashley Roberts   Backups  31. Carly Uchacz, 7. Ava Jackson, 14. Sienna Gibson, 18. Emma Yee, 19. Aja Turner, 20. Keira Martin, 22. Tea Mayson 

"Rising Above Challenges: Vancouver Whitecaps' Journey to Success"


In the dynamic world of Major League Soccer (MLS), the Vancouver Whitecaps have emerged as a team to watch. Over the years, they have faced numerous challenges, but their unwavering determination and resilience have propelled them forward. In this article, we delve into the journey of the Whitecaps, exploring their achievements, key players, and the strategies that have contributed to their rise in the league.

A Rich History:

The Vancouver Whitecaps boast a rich history that dates back to 1974 when the team was founded. From their early years in the North American Soccer League (NASL) to their transition to the MLS in 2011, the Whitecaps have established themselves as a prominent soccer institution in Canada. We reflect on the club's milestones, including their 1979 NASL championship and their consistent presence in the MLS playoffs in recent seasons.

Key Players:

Every successful team requires talented individuals who can make a significant impact on the field. The Whitecaps have been fortunate to have skilled players who have consistently raised the team's performance. We highlight the contributions of players like Ali Adnan, Lucas Cavallini, and Cristian Dájome, who have become fan favorites and instrumental figures in the Whitecaps' recent successes.

Building a Strong Squad:

Behind every triumph lies a carefully crafted squad. We delve into the team's approach to building a strong roster, exploring their strategies in recruiting both experienced veterans and promising young talents. From scouting to player development, the Whitecaps have invested in creating a cohesive and competitive team that can tackle the challenges of the MLS.

Tactical Approach:

Successful teams often have a distinct playing style and tactical approach. We analyze the Whitecaps' gameplay philosophy under the guidance of their coaches, examining their defensive solidity, attacking strategies, and emphasis on teamwork. From effective counter-attacks to disciplined defensive structures, we explore how these tactical choices have shaped the team's performance on the pitch.

Community Engagement and Impact:

Beyond their achievements on the field, the Whitecaps have established themselves as a team deeply connected to their community. We shed light on their philanthropic endeavors, initiatives to promote inclusivity, and efforts to inspire the next generation of soccer players. The Whitecaps' commitment to making a positive impact extends far beyond the boundaries of the soccer field.


The Vancouver Whitecaps' journey has been one of resilience, growth, and ambition. With a rich history, talented players, a strategic approach, and a strong community presence, they are poised for continued success in the MLS. As fans eagerly await the upcoming seasons, the Whitecaps' story serves as an inspiration to all those who believe in the power of determination and teamwork in achieving greatness.

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